We help you sort your trash out to save the planet


Android app in progress

The Challenge

We've decided to start an impossible mission and fight against Climate Change. We've joined the Fixathon challenge and in one month we've created an app which helps you recycle according to your local authority rules.

We believe in the approach "think global, act local" so to start our app works for Merseyside, England, but we'd love to grow.

Meet the Squad

Morgan Krischer

Web Developer who after work cooks the finest French cuisine and climbs the highest rocks!

Craig Petterson

Web Developer in love with Ruby on Rails. In an ideal world he would put all possible data into a spreadsheet.

Kasia Pikuła

UX & UI Designer with a true passion for games. She is always looking for tickets for her next trip.

Aidan Walters-Williams

Web Developer who abandoned team and sneakly moved to Bristol. But hey, we’ve hunted him down!

Lawrence Pickford

Mobile Developer who trains Capoeira after work. He gives the best high-fives on Earth.

Join the Movement

If you have ideas for improvements, you’d like to invest in our project or just want to say Hi, please drop us an email.

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